Best Comments

“Enough is enough! Some of you are laughing about this. But if we make enough hot air about this then maybe it will be too warm to snow!”
-Darrell, Whiteland

“Husband sick and cranky!!!I need to get out….Now”
-Victoria, Indianapolis

“Dear Snow… you are not welcome here anymore… Consider this a CEASE and DESIST.”
-Brian, Fort Wayne

“A lot of us will never again complain about heat or humidity. Fed-Ex us some April, we could use it.”
-Greg, Muncie

“Ain’t nobody got time for this.”
-Larry, Indianapolis

“Damn this snow! It’s bad enough us Canadians have to deal with it- it should stop at the border…”
-Mahault, Toronto

“Love it! LOL! Not sure who are going to give the signed petition to, however…”
-Susan, Bedford

“I hope that this petition gets to the people at the top making the decisions. Please stop sending us snow! It’s pretty & all…no offense…but enough is enough & we’ve had enough!!! THANK YOU”
-Suzy, Whiteland

-Andy, Indianapolis

“We must fight for our right to wear sandals! We demand freedom from the tyranny of shoveling!”
-Nakia, Witchita

“We have gotten an ungodly, disgraceful amount of snow this winter. Please have mercy on us!”
-Meredith, Bloomington

“I lived in Alaska for 5 years. We never had a winter up there that compares to the winter Central Indiana is having this year!”
-Barbara, Indianapolis

“Spring, O Spring! Where for art thou?!”
-Jan, Indianapolis

“Gas bill too high and cold air coming in my windows and everywhere else it can find. I miss cleaning my yard. BBQ grill. garden and the warmth from the sun.”
-Rosina, Muncie

“Sorry ya all!”
-Michale, Florida

“is this man drunk?”

“Get a life.”